What is going on with Crandor?

20 Dec 2016 By James

Whats going on with Crandor?
Hey everyone, first off I'd like to say seeing a lot of you guys still sticking around and still genuinely care about the server is pretty heart warming to say the least. Never would of thought Crandor would mean as much as it does to the players. Since June, we have seen a slow decline in Crandor, and for months we put a lot of money into it to try and jump start it again, and come December first we stopped all ads and putting money into advertising since it just wasn't doing anything, and paying Stuart was very costly and we just couldn't do it anymore, it didn't make sense financially. So that's why the server is in the state it is, we still are paying for the hosting to at least keep it online. The thing we've learned is, pre eoc 317 revision servers just aren't really popular anymore, looking around the RSPS community pre eoc servers have really died out over the past 6 months, and OSRS servers are on the rise. It's not just Crandor but all pre eoc servers that are declining, we didn't want to keep beating a dead horse so that's that, Crandor will still continue to run, but don't expect us to really revive it and get it growing again.

So you lazy owners, what do you plan on doing?
We do enjoy running servers and don't want to just throw in the towel and leave you guys with nothing since the dedication you guys have shown has truly been inspiring to us as weird as that sounds. An opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago for us to help in an OSRS pking server he has been devoutly developing that he has high hopes for, he needed someone to step in to help financially and a management role so we decided to step in. This isn't our server to say, we are not the main owners of it so don't think its the Crandor V2 and your reputation and status on Crandor means anything on it, its entirely different, we just wanted to let you guys know about it so that if you all have any interest in playing another server that has work being put into it and has a real future, we wanted to make that available to you. I wont give out any information about it yet since its not ready, but we will let more stuff be known in the future.

The website and game will still remain up

Happy Halloween + Halloween Event

30 Oct 2016 By James

Happy Halloween! We hope everyone has a very safe and spooky Halloween! Talk to King Bolren at home to win your chance at getting some awesome Halloween custom items that will only be around for a very limited time! Goodluck!!

Official Crandor Discord

17 Oct 2016 By James

Hey everyone, after talking to a few players we decided to make an official Crandor Discord channel!

You can find it here: https://discord.gg/jf5tQhs

Be sure to join and tell any of the other active members about this so we can get a good community channel going, see you there!

We will make a ::discord command open that soon as well.

Best time on Crandor

22 Sep 2016 By James

Hey everyone. I was looking through old pictures of Crandor on my computer and it really brought back some good memories had on Crandor over these past 8 months. One thing I've always enjoyed is looking back on old pictures/videos of Crandor and seeing stuff that stuck out to the community that made them save the image, and just looking at the server through a players view. Crandor has come a long ways these past few months and the future is only looking brighter!

With that being said, if anyone has a moment in Crandor that has stuck out to them we would love hear it! Any old pictures/videos can only make it better!

My favorite memory
One memory that sticks out to me was our Easter event March 27th 2016. We had an hour long easter egg drop (Tyler and I running around dropping them) and seeing everyone teleporting from place to place watching the clan chat blow up when someone found one and you see 30 people teleport there. Then after we had the drop party where we dropped the bunny ears (which I dont see much of those these days?) and had 100 people running around trying to get them.

So let us know some stories/pictures you have!

Voter of the month August!

02 Sep 2016 By James

Congratulations to the winner Iron 55! Awesome job on beating everyone out this month. First time an ironman has taken the award, check out your prize!

Be sure to Vote every 12 hours so you can win Voter of the month for september!